Vaskar Marg, Putalisadak Kathmandu, Nepal



10 Jun 202400:00 AM

Presenting Nepal Education Award Australia - 2024

College Readers, the English educational magazine, has been serving for 16 years and is dedicated to promoting academic issues. It recently organized the 2nd Nepal Education Award-2023 in Tokyo, Japan on November 6, 2023, following the successful Nepal Education Award-Dubai event. 

This year, College Readers is scheduled to conduct the 3rd episode of Nepal Education Award in Australia. The aim is to acknowledge and celebrate the educational progress of the nation, highlighting the efforts of academic entrepreneurs in enhancing quality education and contributing to nation-building. This event recognizes and supports the expertise of academic institutions, educators, and intellectuals in schools, colleges, and other educational sectors.

The Nepal Education Award Australia-2024 recognizes deserving individuals based on set benchmarks by an expert evaluation team comprising reputable personalities from the education field. The event provides a platform for Nepalese schools, colleges, and educational institutions to showcase their academic excellence. Nominees will be selected by a panel of judges appointed by the advisory board.

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