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Nepal Education Award
Nepal Education Award

The Nepal Education Award, organized by College Readers, aims to explore and acknowledge the overall educational development of society. It will enhance cultural diversity, provide more educational options, facilitate education providers and students, promote education across Nepal, and serve as a platform to educate all sections of society.

Education plays a crucial role in societal change, ensuring a comfortable future for the next generation. With modern amenities and increased access, education is becoming more intertwined with Human Rights, environment, culture, and politics. Therefore, recognizing innovation in the education sector is vital for overall development and advancement.

This event encompasses academic institutions, educators, intellectuals, and media personnel associated with schools and colleges, contributing through their writings to enhance educational well-being. This year, the award ceremony will focus on honoring ten-plus-two and higher educational institutions and their associates, identifying and promoting their expertise and efforts.

The Nepal Education Award will impartially recognize deserving individuals based on our expert evaluation team's criteria. Our team and advisors, esteemed figures in the education field, will provide valuable suggestions at every stage. The main goal is to offer a platform for esteemed Nepalese educational institutions to showcase their high-quality programs across different regions of Nepal. Nominees will be chosen by a distinguished panel of judges appointed by the advisory board.

The event will take place at a Five Star Hotel, with awards presented at the Grand Ceremony. The presence of renowned personalities, celebrities, and media figures will make the event informative and significant. Performances by various artists and live telecasts on multiple TV channels will ensure widespread coverage.



“To make Nepal a pleasant and favorable educational hub and raise the standards of educational institutions in Nepal”



“Facilitating the development of talent for global level achievement”