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Nepal Education Award Nepal Education Award

Nepal Education Award

Nepal Education Award, organized by College Readers is an initiative aimed at exploring and recognizing the overall educational development of society. It will usher in a better cultural mix, offer more options to education providers as well as to the students to choose from, act as a facilitator, promote education in all parts of Nepal, and work as a startup platform to educate all sections of society. Education can play a key role in the dynamic change of society whereby the future generation can live comfortably. The pattern of education is changing through modern amenities and access and is more integrated with Human Rights, environment, culture, and politics. Therefore, recognizing innovation in the education sector plays a key role in overall development and promotion.

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Board of Advisory —
  • One of the past Minister of Education
  • One of the education experts
  • One of the past vice-chancellors
  • One of the past education secretaries
  • One of the business personalities
  • One of the youth entrepreneurs
  • One of the popular writers
  • One of the popular artists

Board of Jury

The Board of Jury is formed from the board of advisory and this board is given full rights to evaluate all the competitors and according to their recommendation and evaluation, they are nominated for the award categories.